Ada Hoang =).

Sometimes you do things for others and you just feel unappreciated.

All these guys chasing, all the bullshit we’ve been through, all the negative comments about us. Everything is crumbling down but I can’t seem to let you go.



That moment when your heart shatters and in each individual piece are the memories that shine. Those memories were the best of times and even at the darkest moments, they were the things that kept you going. I love you and I always will. No one compares.


this is so pretty

AUDI RS6 Quattro (by A-lain W-allior A-rtworks)

Tierd of being there for everyone. Where you guys at when I need you? Nowhere.


untitled by 憂山蛇夜 on Flickr.
It looks like I cry everyday now. Why is this world so cold…
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